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What to expect with denture cleanings

Denture cleaning is an essential part of maintenance. To achieve the best results, we recommend combining regular professional denture cleanings with good oral hygiene practices at home, such as brushing your dentures and other at-home care.

Denture cleaning will help maintain the best oral condition and provide a long-lasting denture life span.

At The Denture Studio, we use a cleaning machine that effectively cleans dentures to make them look new.

As part of our professional denture cleaning process, we guide patients on how to properly care for their dentures at home to maintain the dentures between professional cleanings.

Why is professional denture cleaning important? 

  1. Effective in removing plaque and tartar. Dentures, like natural teeth, are susceptible to the build-up of plaque and tartar. If plaque remains unaddressed, it can harden into tartar, which is difficult to remove through regular brushing alone. Professional denture cleaning ensures that plaque and tartar are removed, reducing the risk of oral health issues.
  2. Prevents gum disease. Plaque and tartar accumulation on dentures can irritate the gums and lead to gum disease. Regular professional cleaning helps keep the gums healthy and reduces the risk of gum-related problems.
  3. Can detect dental issues early. Our dentists can also examine your dentures for any signs of wear, damage, or fit issues. Early detection of these issues allows for timely adjustments or repairs, prolonging the lifespan of your dentures.
  4. Maintaining denture appearance. Over time, dentures can become stained and discoloured. Professional cleaning can help remove stains and restore the appearance of your dentures, keeping them looking clean and natural.
  5. Improves overall oral health. Maintaining clean dentures also keeps the surrounding oral tissues healthy. By preventing plaque and tartar buildup on dentures, you contribute to better overall oral health.

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Excellent denture care so that you look your best

Good denture care is essential for your health and wellbeing, not to mention prolonging the life of your dentures. At our Hamilton denture practice we teach all our patients how to care for their dentures daily to ensure they function properly and look their best.

We recommend the following

  1. Go to your clinician regularly – at least 2 – three yearly check-ups.
  2. Continue with daily denture care to keep your dentures functioning properly and looking good.
  3. Never clean your dentures with caustic liquids or abrasives.
  4. Never attempt to repair your dentures yourself.


We offer fast and efficient service, usually within 2-3 weeks, depending on the treatment plan.

At your free consultation, we will negotiate a time frame for your chosen treatment plan.

We endeavour to make our dentures as natural looking as possible. However, in nearly all situations, we do a trial to ensure you are happy with the appearance. At the trial, we can make changes to provide the look you want is the look you get.

Cost may vary depending on the type of denture you need. We will quote you a fixed price based on the treatment plan at your free consultation. This quote will be valid for six months from the time of the consultation.

We offer Insurance & WINZ quotation, and if you have a Gold Card, we will offer you a discount.

We have a wide range of colours and shades to make your teeth look as natural as possible. We will recommend a specific colour that we believe is most appropriate; however, you will have the final say. You are welcome to bring a support person to help you choose.

A new denture provides enhanced chewing ability, facial support, personal appearance and confidence. In addition, it is crucial in maintaining gum structure and oral health.

We recommend a change of dentures every 8 – 10 years and a reline every 4 -5 years. Although your denture is likely to last longer than this, your mouth changes shape over time. This means the older the denture, the more likely it sits with a suboptimal fit, leading to oral health and hygiene issues.

If your teeth are beyond the condition for repair or the repair process is financially unrealistic. Dentures may be an option for you. We strongly advise you to discuss this with your dentist.

Our priority is to provide a comfortable experience for our clients in a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, our modern techniques and technologies make the denture-making process very gentle.

Don’t worry. We are not dentists, and we do not drill or pull your teeth ?


We believe post-treatment is vital for clients adapting to their new dentures. Check-ups are included in the treatment plan quote, so if you have any issues in the two months, call in to make an appointment. You will always be welcome.

If issues arise after two months, it is usually due to changes in the mouth itself. There will be a small charge for this.